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1.How to cure SaoSA resin?
SaoSA resin is one-component,ready-to-use liquid.You don't need to mix the resin with any other catalyst to start the curing.SaoSA resin liquid can only be cured by exposing to UV-A rays radiation.(UV-A wavelength:315nm-400nm).Therefore,there are usually two ways to make SaoSA resin cured,one is to let the laminated glass with resin liquid inside exposing to sunlight directly,because sunlight convers UV-A rays,the other way is to use the assemble of UV light tubes to make resin cured indoor as the photo in right side.

2.What's the shelf life and storage conditions of SaoSA resin?
Shelf life of SaoSA resin:within 18 months upon the manufacturing date.
Storage conditions:Store tightly sealed containers in a dry,dark place for no more than 18 months.In order to maximize shelf life stability,SaoSA resin must be kept free of impurities and humidity.

3.What's the packing size of SaoSA resin?
There are two different packing drums available for shipment.One is small drum,25KGS resin contained, the other is bigger drum,200KGS resin contained.Please see the right photo.

4.What's delivery time of cargo?

The short delivery time is one of SaoSA advantages.With our huge production capability,we are able to ship out your cargo by sea within one week upon the reception of your payment.

5.Is the smell of SaoSA resin liquid harmful or poisonous? Is there any requirement in workroom to do the lamination job?
SaoSA resin's smell is similar with acrylic resin liquid. It is not poisonous.Here is the test report issued by SGS analysing whether SaoSA resin contained five hazardous materials or not. The result is qualified.
The workroom for lamination job must be ventilated.

6.What kinds of standards that SaoSA resin has passed?
EN 356 PA PB
EN ISO 12543-4
EN 12600
EN 1063

7.What's the difference between SaoSA resin and Two/Multi-Component Resin?

SaoSA UV curing resin is a one-component,ready-to-use resin. It is more convenient to be applied into production compared with two/,multi-component resin because SaoSA UV curing resin doesn't have to mix with any catalysts before production,furthermore, SaoSA UV curing resin is in lower viscosity than two/multi-component resin, so it is far easier to be poured into the cavity between two sheets of glass. It will surely improve your production efficiency a lot.Also,SaoSA UV curing resin will well solve the aeipathia of two/multi-component resin such as air bubbles,delamination and yellowing.
The following table will help you know more the advantages of UV curing resin.

Comparison Between UV Curing Resin and Two/Multi-Comppnent Resin
UV Curing Resin
Two/Multi-Component Resin
One-component,ready- to use ,no need to mix up with any catalyst and promoters before curing
Complex in dosing and dispersing
Definite curing time: only requires about 30 minutes under UV lights and then it can be delivered and installed!
Indefinite curing time: Sometimes, the resin cured whilst you are working with it
UV curing resins are Cure on demand systems.These resins do not beging to cure prior to the exposure to UV-A light.
In this ilamination system,the curing process begings at the minute that the catalyst is added.Once started adding catalyst,the curing cycle will be unable to stop.
The shelf life of SaoSA UV Curing Resin is more than 18 months.
The shelf life of most of two/multi-component resin ranges from 6 months to 12 months,or shorter.
Lower viscosity,easier to be poured.
More higher viscosity,difficult to be poured
No VOC contained
High VOC
Easy to clean off the SaoSA UV curing resin remained on the surface of laminated glass,you only need to wash it by water with some detergent
Diffcult to clean the Two/Multi component resin remained on the surface of lamianted glass.It takes time!

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