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SaoSA Technology has been devoted to researching and manufacturing glass lamination resin for tens of years. As the largest manufacturer of glass lamination resin in China, we have a strong confidence in providing the resin with good quality and competitive cost to our customers all over the world. Before launching in civil market, SaoSA resin is the unique material adopted by China military party, applied to laminated glass of security constructions. With the experience of cooperating with military party, SaoSA inherits military standard to develop products, supervise production and control the quality.

SaoSA glass lamination resin is the only resin in Asia, which has passed Europe Standards with certfications and test reports. (EN 356, EN12600, EN ISO 12543-4 & EN 1063). The quality of SaoSA resin is the best within Asia market so far. Comparing to other competitors, SaoSA resin has apparent advantages in product stability, anti-yellowing and non-delamination. With world-class quality and nice technical support, SaoSA glass lamination resin is recognized by more and more overseas clients after it was launched into the international market.

SaoSA R&D team: Our team has been dedicated to chemical research for more than 40 years with rich experiences in Macromolecule Field. As one of the most professional technical teams in China in Macromolecule Field, we also have participated in the chemical researching team of Macromolecule material that applied in SHENZHOU-V SPACESHIP which has been launched successfully in Oct.2003, and this event became one of the Top 10 break-out news world-wide in 2003.

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