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As the biggest and most professional manufacturer and exporter in China, who's majored in liquid laminated resin, SaoSA has past the series tests of EN 356-PA(impact falling ball test), EN 356-PB(sharp and blunt impact test, the "axe test"), EN 12543-4(ten years outdoor durability test), EN 12600(impact pendulum test), EN 1063(bulletproof test), approved by TNO of Netherlands, one of most authoritative testing organizations in glass construction industry of Europe.

EN 356 PA-The Steel Ball Drop Impact Test
Description: The Steel Ball Drop Impact Test uses s 4.11 kgs solid steel ball dropped several consecutive times from heights varying from 1.5 to 9 meters, depending on which standard is being tested for.
Test Result: with the excellence of SaoSA resin impact resistance, the finished laminated glass can easily pass The Steel Ball Drop Impact Test.

EN 356 PB-The Axe Striking Test
Description: The Axe Striking Test consists of a preparatory step in which the glass is broken with a defined hammer. An attempt is then made to penetrate the glass is broken with an axe. The number of blows is counted. This is carried out at defined positions on the glass. The glass is classified on the basis of the total number of blows necessary to penetrate the glass, if at all possible.
Test Result: The laminated glass by using SaoSA resin can pass EN 356 P6-8B.

EN ISO 12543-4 - Durability Test
Description: Durability Test including high temperature test, humidity test and radiation test.
Test Result: With great performance in stability, no delamination, yellowing nor air bubbles occurs. SaoSA resin can easily pass the above tough test.

EN 12600 - The Pendulum Test
Description: The pendulum impact test has been set to classify glass with respect to its resistance to a soft body impact load and its safe breakage thereafter.
Test Result: The laminated glass (4+1+4) by using SaoSA resin can easily pass Pendulum Impact Test.

EN 1063 - Bullet Resistant Test
Description: The glass measured 500mm500mm is shot at three points. Restraining the bullet is naturally the requirement but in certain case attention is paid to whether potentially harmful glass splinters become loose at the back of glass.
Test Result: SaoSA UV-B resin is very good choice for making bulletproof laminated glass to meet EN 1063 series.

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